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After 10 years of schooling, during which a student receives supervised attention, he enters an intermediate program and is suddenly exposed to a totally new environment. Here the student is treated as an adult, given considerable latitude and asked to take responsibility of his career planning and actualization. Here, he lays the foundation for the professional career he aims to pursue later in his life. These two years in the college are therefore extremely important for his/her personality development and preparation for an arduous professional journey.

The Faculty of Arts degree program aims to provide students with a good grounding in various fields of Arts Subjects. After completing F.A students have many choices to pursue degree programs in the field of BBA (HONS), BA (English Literature, English Linguistics and Humanities etc.) and BS (HONS) Computer Science, BFD (HONS) Bachelors of Fashion Design, BA (HONS) Textile Design and many others.

Program Summary


The duration of the program is two years. The BISE will conduct terminal examinations on completion of 1st Year and 2nd Year’s sessions.


This program is accredited by the BISE. It is fully recognized within Pakistan and internationally for further education and employment in the private and public sectors.

Subjects Details

Faculty of Arts & G.Science
(IT/ General Science/ Humanities Group)
Compulsory SubjectsElective Subjects
1. English
2. Urdu
3. Islamic Education
1. Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science.
2. Mathematics, Statistics, Economics.
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